Honoring Our Furry Friends: A Guide to Pet Cremation Services

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Petgurt's comprehensive pet cremation services guide is here to help you make informed decisions during this difficult time. Learn about the process, options, and costs involved in pet cremation.
Pet loss

Saying goodbye is not easy. I know.

I can remember that hardest moment when I had to say “goodbye” to my furry friend.

In this final moment, we can honor their life. We can keep their spirit alive in our hearts forever.


With pet cremation services, we can honor them.

My dear, I understand your feelings; you are now puzzled. Your main concerns are:

  • What to do with the body?
  • How to take it to the animal crematorium?
  • How to honor your beloved one at this final moment?

Don’t worry. Keep reading. All the related information is inside this writing.

Please accept the reality at first

Your furry friend is no more.

But still…

Your heart doesn’t want to accept it.

You want to be sure if your friend is completely dead. Ask your family member or veterinarian. They can help.

Close-up of vet examining dog in clinic, dog passing away check
Close-up of vet examining dog in clinic, dog passing away check

If your friend is no more, please accept the reality.

Now what to do with the body? Burial or cremation?

Talk with your family members and friends. They may help.

Still confused?

The following points may help you to decide.

bury your pets
Bury your pets

Which is better, burying or cremating our pet?

Actually, it depends on your personal preferences, beliefs, and circumstances. Both have pros and cons.


  • Can provide a physical place to visit and remember your pet
  • It may be more comforting for some pet owners to know their pet is buried in the ground
  • But, if you bury your pet, you need a lot of space, especially in your backyard. This can be a problem if you live in a small house or apartment with limited outdoor area.
  • Besides these, some cities have restrictions on burying pets in residential areas.


  • Allows for flexibility in memorialization options, such as scattering ashes or keeping them in an urn
  • More cost-effective than burial
  • Does not require property
  • It provides a dignified and respectful way to say goodbye to your beloved pet
  • Helps with the grieving process by providing a tangible way to honor and remember your pet.
  • But cremation can have an environmental impact as it releases carbon dioxide, mercury, and other harmful chemicals into the air.

If you decide to take the cremation service, then how do you find and contact the cremation facility?

The next portion will guide you in this matter.

pet cremation services near me
pet cremation services near me

How can I find pet cremation services for dogs (pets) near me?

This question first arose in my mind when I lost my Zoe. He was my beloved dog. Losing him was incredibly difficult. I understand the importance of finding a respectful crematory for dogs (pets). Here are a few ways:

  • Ask your veterinarian: Your vet may offer cremation services or may refer you to a trusted service provider.
  • Search online: Use keywords like “pet cremation services near me” or “dog cremation services” along with your city or zip code to find local providers.
  • Check with local animal rescue organizations: They may offer or have information on pet cremation services in your area.
  • Ask for recommendations: Check online reviews or ask for recommendations from relatives, friends, or family who have used a pet cremation service.

I hope this helps you find a service that meets your needs during this difficult time.

But one important thing you most probably did not think of yet. How to preserve the body until the cremation facility comes? It’s really important to think about this matter.

Please read the following portion.

How will the owner temporarily store the pet body at home until the cremation company arrives?

sympathy for dog loss,old pet in vet clinic
Upset woman care of weakening old dog at home. Poor animal need medical treatment in vet clinic

When Zoe passed away, I was puzzled at that time. One of my relatives had helped me store my beloved Zoe’s body then.

Here are some suggestions you may follow:

  • Find a cool and dry area in your home. Keep your beloved pet away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Wrap your pet’s body with a clean and comfortable blanket or towel.
  • Place the wrapped body in a cardboard box or a plastic container with a lid. Then seals it securely.
  • Label the container. I mean, label it with your pet’s name and date of passing.
  • If possible, keep the container in your pet’s favorite location at your home. At least, we can try to provide them with some comfort during these final moments. I hope everyone will agree with me.

You may have many other questions regarding pet cremation. It’s normal because you did not face this situation before. The following writings will answer all of these questions.

Can we take the cremation services for any type of pet?

Dogs and Cats, different pets
Dogs and Cats, different pets

The good news is that you can cremate any type. Generally, cremation services for dogs are the most common. But yes, you can cremate cats, horses, birds, and other small animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

One important thing …

Some pet cremation services may have size restrictions or only accept certain types of animals. So when you are thinking about a specific service provider, don’t forget to check their service policies.

What are the types of pet cremation services ?

Mainly two types.

  • Traditional cremation and
  • Alkaline hydrolysis.

Let me explain things a bit more:

Traditional Cremation

This is the most common type. When cremating a body, a person places it inside a cremation chamber.

It reminded me of my beloved ZOE. I had taken for him a traditional cremation service. Really it was one of the toughest moments in my life. At that time, the only thing that came to my mind was that Zoe’s body would be no more. I know only a true pet lover can feel my feelings.

We all have to accept this eternal truth. Anyway, let’s return to the central topic.

The chamber heats up to temperatures ranging from 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The high heat breaks down the body, leaving only ash and bone fragments. After that, the process cools the remains and then processes them into a fine powder.

Burning memorial candle for pets' funeral
Burning memorial candle for pets’ funeral

Alkaline Hydrolysis

This is actually water cremation and is environmentally friendly.

But not widely used and comparatively expensive.

However, a person places the body in a vessel. The vessel is then filled with a mixture of water and alkali. Now it’s time to heat the vessel. It heats to around 320 degrees Fahrenheit, a longer period than the traditional way. I mean the conventional (traditional) cremation.

The whole process takes about 4-6 hours. Within this time, it breaks down the body into its basic chemical components, leaving behind a sterile liquid and bone fragments.

Very sad to write these words. But it’s the reality.

After that, the process turns the bone fragments into ashes, just like in traditional cremation.

Types of cremation from different angles

We can classify the cremation process depending on individual preferences. Please allow me to write about this now.

Pet Christmas Gifts. Pet gifts.
Christmas Pet Christmas Gifts. Pet gifts

Communal Cremation

  • In a communal pet cremation, we cremate the body of our beloved pet along with other pets.
  • As your pet’s ashes mix with the other pets, getting them back is impossible. I mean, in this communal cremation process, it’s not possible.
  • But it is the most economical option. 

Partitioned Cremation

  • In a partitioned cremation, multiple bodies are still cremated together, but they are partitioned and separated by metal barriers.
  • You can get back your beloved pet’s ashes. But your pet’s ashes may contain remains from other animals.
  • This type of cremation provides a cost-effective solution, and you can ask for your pet’s ashes.

Private Cremation

  • In a private cremation, the deceased person’s body is cremated individually, with no other bodies present.
  • In this process, the authority cremates the body individually. You can ask for your pet’s ashes afterward. Here no other bodies’ ashes are present. You can choose to scatter them, keep them in an urn, or use them in other ways to memorialize your loved one.
  • This type of cremation is the most personalized option. It offers families the most flexibility in how they choose to handle their loved one’s remains.

What is the cost of cremating a pet?

Pet funeral, pet cremation services
Pet funeral, pet cremation services

It actually depends on the below factors:

  • your pet’s size
  • cremation type and
  • the location of the cremation service.

In general, the cost of pet cremation falls within the range of a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

I think it’s important to find a service that fits your needs and budget. Take some time to research.

I know you are shocked. Your furry friend left you.

But still, take some time. Compare different pet cremation services and find the best animal crematorium that is best for you and your pet.

Does the pet cremation services require the owner to purchase some additional cremation supplies? What supplies are available?

Ah, yes. The owner may need to purchase additional supplies, such as an urn or a cremation container. In very few cases, basic service includes these items.

You can choose from various materials, sizes, and designs that suit your preferences and budget.

What do you do with the ashes of your pet?

Pet photo frame and funeral urn at home with owner
Pet photo frame and funeral urn at home with owner

It reminds my beloved Zoe.

“Huh, my Zoe, where have you gone? I feel alone. I feel like I’ve lost part of myself.  Ohh, God, keep my Zoe in peace.”

When I was holding my Zoe’s ashes, I got deeply emotional that time this way. That moment will never fade away from me, from my family.

Sorry. I was out of focus at this moment.

I know holding your pet’s ashes in your hands is a deeply emotional experience. All the happy moments with your pet may peep into your mind at that time.

But even though your pet is not with you physically, their memory and spirit will live on in your heart forever. You can find comfort in knowing that they are at peace. Their love and light will continue to shine on in your life.

My friend, there are several ways to keep your furry friend close to your heart. It may provide you comfort.

The question is how?

Keep the ashes at home

It’s a common option. You can keep your loved one’s ashes at home. Though your pet is not with you physically, keeping it close can provide a sense of comfort and closeness. However, it’s your personal decision, but many people find comfort in having their beloved pet’s ashes nearby.

You can choose a special custom urn or container that reflects your pet’s personality or create a small memorial with their photo and other keepsakes. I have kept Zoe’s ashes at my home.

Custom dog urns by breed
Custom dog urns by breed

Scatter the ashes

You can scatter your pet’s ashes in a meaningful location, such as their favorite park or hiking trail. This can be a beautiful and symbolic way to release your pet’s spirit back into nature and celebrate their life.

Bury the ashes

Another option is to bury your pet’s ashes in a special location that holds meaning for you and your pet. This could be a pet cemetery (animal crematorium), where you can go and pay your respects. Or, you can bury it in your own backyard, where your pet enjoyed spending time with you. This can provide a sense of closure and a physical place to visit and remember your pet.

Create a memorial

Creating a memorial using your pet’s ashes can be a good idea. It’s a way to honor their life. It’s a way to keep them close to your heart. You can choose to create a beautiful piece of jewelry or a keepsake box. Whenever you wear the jewelry or look at the keepsake box, you’ll be reminded of the joy and love your pet brought into your life. This allows you to carry your pet’s memory with you wherever you go.

There are more pet memorial ideasWant to know? 

Custom Pet Memorial Gifts according to Pet's photo
Custom Pet Memorial Gifts according to Pet’s photo, leather keychain

You can create a memory box that includes your pet’s favorite toys, photos, ashes, and other special items that remind you of your furry friend. 

Actually, there are many ways to honor and remember our furry friends after pet cremation. It’s important to choose a way that feels meaningful and special to you and your family.

My dear, whatever option you choose, it’s essential to take your time. Then come to a decision that feels right for you.

You are not alone in this process. Many pet owners find solace in seeking guidance and support from their veterinarian or a pet cremation service.

How can you reduce the psychological trauma after the loss of a pet? 

Sad women on the way to her pet's funeral
Sad women on the way to her pet’s funeral

It’s a good question. Here are some ways to reduce your psychological trauma:

  • Allow yourself time to grieve.
  • Seek support from friends, family, or a support group.
  • Consider speaking with a therapist or counselor.
  • Keep yourself busy. 
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Create a memorial or tribute to your pet, such as a scrapbook or photo album.
  • Find ways to honor your pet’s memory, such as donating in their name.
  • Try to focus on the positive memories and experiences you had with your pet.
  • Understand that it’s normal to feel a range of emotions, including sadness, guilt, and anger.

At a glance: A short guide on pet cremation services

  • First, be sure your furry friend is still with you or pass away. Take help from a veterinarian or family friends and be confirmed.
  • Then, decide whether you will bury or cremate. Both have pros and cons. If you decide to cremate, find cremation services for pets near you. You may type “pet cremation services near me” in Google’s search box or ask your veterinarian, friends, and relatives for a recommendation.
  • Keep the pet’s body in a cool place at your home (I have already explained the process before).
  • Decide which cremation types you will choose. I mean communal cremation, partitioned cremation, or private cremation? Communal cremation is the cheapest one, but you will not get back your pet’s ashes. You have to keep this thing in mind.
  • The cremation process is complete. Now how to honor your furry friend with the ashes? You may keep or scatter it in special places. Or, you may create a memorial.

I hope this writing has helped you with the whole thing. Please don’t be late now, my dear. Find the right pet cremation services to honor your friend.

loss of pet condolences
loss of pet condolences.Young woman hugging her pet dog while lying on bed.

It’s important to find ways to bring comfort and peace in this difficult time. One option is to remember the Rainbow Bridge, a symbol of the connection between us and our beloved pets who have passed on. Or you may plant a memorial tree in honor of your furry friend. It provides a living reminder of the joy and love they brought to your life. Your furry friend is no more, but you can honor their memory by taking good care of their descendants. May God’s love and grace shine upon your furry companion.

Tara Sharpe
Tara Sharpe

Hello, I'm a dedicated pet care professional from PETGURT with a passion for nurturing and understanding the unique needs of animals. As a proud home breeder of two dogs, five cats, and a bird, I've gained invaluable insights into their habits and care requirements, ensuring that they thrive under my loving supervision. My deep affection for my furry and feathered companions drives my desire to rescue more stray pets and establish a comprehensive Pet Care Institute. Trust in my extensive experience and commitment to the well-being of all animals as we explore the incredible world of pet care together.

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