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Carving on Leather – Custom Pet Keychain

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Custom Pet Portrait Engraved on Leather-Pet Loss Gifts

Custom 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Gift

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Custom 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Gift-Pet Memorial Gifts

Custom Pet Needle Felt Simultation Model

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Custom Pet Needle Felt Simultation Model-Pet Owner Gifts

Custom Pet Urn-Sandalwood Urn

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Custom Pet Urns-Dog/Cat urns by breed-Sandalwood Urn

About Petgurt

Formed by a group of true artists, dedicated to replicating the wonderful moments of your beloved pets, making it’s image come to life on the soft leather/ felt/ wood/ crystal. Three-dimensional structure as if it never left, but just accompanied you in a different way.

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3D leather sculpture technology can also make our beloved pet’s image jump out on a piece of flexible leather.

The Handicrafts

Leather carving is a handcraft of making embossed patterns on leather, with simple and full composition, vivid and realistic shape, and strong color contrast.

It’s history can be traced back to the nomadic period and contains a strong cultural flavor. The production of leather carving starts from a piece of delicate, soft and strong natural leather, and often goes through more than ten processes such as stitching, coloring, sewing and sealing to complete.

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Customer reviews

What People Say ?

My dog was lost, I was very sad, by chance in petgurt custom leather carved pendant of my beloved pet, every day with it, as if it never left my family.
Carol Garcia
Carol Garcia
My cat left us due to kidney stones and the kids were crying so hard. petgurt’s custom cat avatar was so realistic that it temporarily eased the kids’ emotions!
Adam Cheis
Adam Cheis
Our dog, who had been with us for ten years, left us forever due to a traffic accident. Our good neighbors sent us petgurt’s leather sculpture, this is the best surprise for us.
Robert Pomero
Robert Pomero
My cat became my ex-husband’s property and has been away from me ever since. I miss it all the time, so I am especially grateful to have it reproduced by Petgurt.
Jessica McGee
Jessica McGee
My birthday gift is a leather carving pendant of my dog from Petgurt, he accompanied me to study in college. I like it very much, thanks to mom and dad!
Monika Yang
Monika Yang

Our Work

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Custom Pet Needle Felt Simultation Model


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Custom Pet Urns-Dog urns by breed-Sandalwood Urn


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Custom Pet Loss Gifts-Pet Portrait Engraved on Leather

Custom 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Gift For Pets
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Custom 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Gift for Pets


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Each souvenir is three-dimensional imaging, multi-angle presentation of the characteristics of the love pet

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