Different religions have different explanations for where our souls go after death, but most of them use the merits of our lives to determine whether our souls will go to heaven or hell.

Many people believe that when animals or pets pass away, their “souls” do not go to the same destination as human “spirits”, but to a rainbow bridge full of happiness. What kind of place is the “Rainbow Bridge”?

Every owner hopes that their favorite pet can go to the happy “Rainbow Bridge” in the afterlife.

I believe that many people have heard the legend of “Rainbow Bridge”, some people say that the souls of dead pets will go there to start a new life; some people say that “Rainbow Bridge” is their transit point to heaven; some people say that when the pet owner also passed away, the pets will meet their owners on the “Rainbow Bridge”, where there is an endless meadow, no sickness, no sadness, is a happy place for small animals. The picture is so beautiful that it was written as a poem “Rainbow Bridge”, which shows that the legend of “Rainbow Bridge” has existed for a long time.

Legend has it that pets that have passed away will wait for their owners on the “Rainbow Bridge”.

The legend of “The Bridge” crosses cultural boundaries. The legend of the “Rainbow Bridge” (Bifröst), which means a burning rainbow that connects the human world (Midgard) to the world of the gods (Asgard), has been around since ancient Scandinavian mythology. In ancient Scandinavian mythology, the dead would walk across a shining golden bridge, which is quite similar to the Chinese legend of the “Nahe Bridge”.

Close-up portrait of a dog. Sad puppy eyes. The dog put its head on the table and begs.
Close-up portrait of a dog. Sad puppy eyes. The dog put its head on the table and begs.

In addition, a bridge called “Cinvato Pertush” also appeared in the teachings of the ancient Persian empire of Zoroastrianism. The Persians believed that when the good spirits crossed the bridge, the bridge would become wide and lead to heaven; on the contrary, when the evil spirits crossed the bridge, it would turn into a blade, causing it to fall into the dark abyss.

From various legends, the concept of “bridge” as a medium appears in different cultures, “bridge” can be seen as a prop to another dimension, and the saying that the soul of a pet will reach the “Rainbow Bridge” after its death is actually a response to the world’s hope and comfort for it, to help the bereaved owner in a practical way and to heal the grief of the pet’s death.

Pleased little girl plays with pet, embraces dog and keeps eyes closed from pleasure

What they want is very simple, just love them.

The life of a pet is short, but they spend their whole life loving their owners, and they are the only ones who stay at home without words or complaints waiting for their owners to return. They are not looking for good food, they do not care about the owner’s beauty and wealth, the only desire is a little love from you, why not let them get happy in the limited time of human and pet? Therefore, as a pet owner, do not lightly say abandonment!